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主要メンバー LeaderShip

  • 代表取締役 CEO
    • 藤井治彦(工学博士)二経路認証の発明者(特許第3497799号)、スーパー乱数表の発明者、総務省等協賛テレコムシステム技術賞、元NTT(持株)研究所 Haruhiko Fujii (PhD, Engineering ), inventor of Two-Path User Authentication : (Japanese Patent No. 3467799), inventor of SuperMatrix, recipient of numerous telecom awards from organizations such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan, former NTT Laboratories.
  • 取締役 Board Member
  • 監査役 Auditor
  • 副社長 Vice President
  • 外部法律顧問 Outside Legal Counsel

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